Stop, Communicate, and Listen

“Hablando se entiende la gente.” (Translated: People understand each other, speaking.)-Spanish saying

Excuse my use of Ice Ice Baby in the title, but I’ve already lost count of the number of times in ministry I’ve mentioned the above phrase often recited to me by my Mom. Speaking, people understand each other. Why is this such a difficult task? Why is our communication with one another so poor? Individuals who speak the same language and who want the same things can get into great quarrels all because of poor communication – a misunderstanding. This tells me we either don’t express ourselves well and/or we don’t listen well. I identify with this because, like I said, I’ve had my Mom say this to me many times when stressful situations have been resolved through conversation. We seem to underestimate the power of having a conversation. Yes, sometimes we end up needing help speaking – things can escalate to where we need mediation – but better communication is still the goal. And if you really just don’t agree, at least you’re on the same page about that.

Who do you need to speak with?

Let’s pray:
Merciful, reconciling God; help us to use the gift of language for good and not for hurting – that we may communicate well with one another. Help us to listen, be respectful, be humble, courageous and willing to submit – for you have shown us by example all of these things. You have been patient with our failings more than we have been with those of others. May we exemplify good communication to the rest of the world, as that’s what you want. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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